While videos listed together on a unit’s Echo360 page have their analytics neatly reported on that page’s analytics tab, if you’ve ever embedded Echo360 videos in your iLearn unit, you may well have found accessing usage analytics cumbersome.

The new Echo360 Analytics block displays a consolidated report for the unit covering embedded videos and videos listed on the unit’s Echo360 page.

One important condition is that the videos must have been embedded using the Echo360 button that exists within iLearn’s content editor toolbar.

The block can be enabled in any iLearn unit. Enable editing and choose ‘Echo360 Analytics’ from the ‘Add A block’ menu. The block will be visible to unit convenors and lecturers but will not appear to students.

The analytics page initially displays the unit’s Echo360 videos which have been viewed in the last 30 days. Change the time range to a length of up to 12 months.

Click on any listed video to display student-centric usage stats, subject to the select time range.

You can export a CSV file by clicking the ‘Download Data’ button on the initial page. Note that downloaded data is also subject to the select time range.

An detailed explanation of the metrics is available here.

Aside from video usage, you can view analytics for interactive polls and quizzes. If you are interested in using polls and quizzes to add interactivity to your Echo360 videos check out this helpful guide.

Contact us at OneHelp to report any issues using the Echo360 Analytics block.

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