iLearn Insights is an easy to use reporting tool which allows teaching staff to visualise student activity and engagement in iLearn units. Over the last few months, we’ve been enhancing some iLearn Insights functions and adding new features so you can now:

  • attach documents to student emails
  • view all Zoom participation as a single report
  • send a bulk email to a particular group of students
  • view on time assignment submissions and student login as a percentage breakdown along with a unit engagement score
  • view the geographic location of where your students are accessing your unit
  • view book chapter access details
  • compare unit engagement over past years units
  • view unit engagement for an entire iLearn category

This PechaKucha presentation gives an overview of key iLearn Insights functions, including what’s new.

Access the recording of the February 2022 PechaKucha Zoom presentation for an overview of all the iLearn insights functions.

New iLearn Insights functionalities:

  1. Email attachments

    Now you can send personalised targeted or bulk emails with a maximum of two attachments. Attachments can be .pdf, .doc, .docx, .png, .xls, .xlsx, .csv or .txt. Maximum attachment size is restricted to 5MB.

  2. iLearn access location

    View the locations where your students are accessing the iLearn unit. This is based on the student’s last accessed IP address. Please note, if any student uses VPN to access iLearn, then that student access location might not be accurate. There are some IP address that iLearn Insights cannot map to a country and those students will show as ‘unknown location’ with a total number appearing at the top right corner of the geographic chart.

    The iLearn unit access location chart is added to participants report. This can be accessed from Unit > Participants menu.

    (Initiative thanks to: Diana Turnip, Departmental Administrator, Health Sciences)

  3. Book chapters access report

    View access count for each book chapter. This can be filtered by book.

    (Initiative thanks to: Chloe Long, Learning and Teaching Support Officer, PVC L&T Operations)

  4. Bulk email specific iLearn groups

    A new bulk email functionality has been created to send a personalised bulk email to all students in a specific group.

    (Initiative thanks to: Vanessa Todd, Learning Adviser, Learning Skills Group; Richard Garner, Associate Professor Mathematics and Statistics; Ian Jamie, Senior Lecturer, Molecular Sciences; Kelly Hamilton, Sessional Teaching Academic, Philosophy)
  5. Unit engagement breakdown

    View login and on-time submissions percentages along with overall unit engagement.

  6. H5P quiz analysis

    View H5P quiz performance in terms of numbers of total correct, incorrect, partially correct and not attempted for each question. This report can further drill down to individual student performance for each question.

    (Initiative thanks to: Kelly Gray Senior Lecturer – Health Sciences; Marina Junqueira Santiago, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie Medical School)

  7. iLearn template checklist

    View iLearn unit summary based on the iLearn standards performance criteria.

    Heads of Department, Discipline Chairs, Course Directors and support staff can request to view iLearn template checklist report across a group of units.

Here’s what else has been improved:

  1. Engagement score added to unit comparison

  2. Download quiz analysis – student by student

    The option to download data as a csv has been added to the quiz analysis – student by student report.

    (Initiative thanks to: Mike Bogle, Learning Designer, Psychological Sciences)
  3. Download option in echo360 data

    The option to download data as a csv has been added to ‘Echo 360 Video view’ and ‘Combined Echo 360 Video view’ reports.

    (Initiative thanks to: Charanya Ramakrishnan, Lecturer in Computing, School of Computing; Sarah Keith, Senior Lecturer in Media and Music, Creative Arts)
  4. Download combined Zoom participation report data

    The option to download data as a csv has been added to the combined Zoom participation report.

    (Initiative thanks to: Morwenna Kirwan, Senior Teaching Fellow, Health Sciences; Claudia Chau, Teaching Assistant, Accounting & Corp Gov)
  5. Overall unit engagement calculation

    Overall unit engagement in iLearn Insights is a combination of ‘login activity’ and ‘on-time activity submissions’. Previously, unless an activity submission due date has passed, 0% was added to ‘on-time activity submissions’ component of the unit engagement calculation. Example –

    Now full ‘on-time activity submissions’ percentage will be added to the overall unit engagement calculation until an activity due date has passed. Example –

    Once an activity due date has passed then the overall unit engagement calculation will be based on the login activity and the number of students who submitted an activity on-time.
  6. Menu Changes

    SCORM report’ menu moved from ‘Unit’ to ‘Activities’ menu.
    ‘OU blog details’ menu moved from ‘Unit’ to ‘Activities’ menu.
    ‘Email all participants in a grouping’ under ‘Personalised bulk email’ menu has been renamed to ‘Email all participants in a group or grouping’.

HoD’s and Course Directors can request a report to view engagement across a group of units

Unit engagement report for an entire iLearn category

Now you can view unit engagement scores for an entire iLearn category of units. This category level reporting might be helpful for Heads of Department, Discipline Chairs, Course Directors and support staff. If you are interested in having access to this report, please contact Jeremy Hind, Manager, Applications Services (

(Initiative thanks to: Ray Laurence, Discipline Chair, Ancient History)

Did you know you can request a specific iLearn Insights report?

Occasionally iLearn Insights reports are developed for an individual or group with a specific need. Following are some special reports recently developed which can potentially be extended to work with other iLearn units.

If you have an idea or a request for new iLearn Insights functionality to help in your own workspace, or if you think that any of the below reports (or with slight variation) might be useful for your unit, please submit a feature request and we will contact you to discuss.

  1. Consent matters report

    This report was developed to highlight students who have not attempted the ‘Consent matters’ quiz, depending on enrolment method.

  2. ‘Manawari Student Aboriginal Cultural Safety Training’ non completion report

    This sends a bulk email to all students who have not completed the ‘Manawari Student Aboriginal Cultural Safety Training’.
  3. Legal Referencing Modulecompletion report

    View whether a student has passed, failed or not attempted the Legal Referencing Module in in StudyWISE.

    (Initiative thanks to: Susan Fripp, Research Librarian, Library – Access & Advisory Services)

  4. Send out a number of individual attachments to a list of students (Under development)

    For each student in a group, send out individual attachments, eg. pdf or csv file. Each file corresponds to a random generated assessment task for each student. A list of students and corresponding file names are provided.

    (Initiative thanks to: Karol Binkowski, Lecturer in Statistics, Mathematics and Statistics)
  5. Connected Curriculum Convenor Report

    In FMHHS Connected Curriculum is an online repository of educational modules that are utilised across multiple courses. Unit convenors will have the ability to ascertain if students in their unit have completed the assigned modules – and if not, to email them reminding them to do it.

    (Initiative and thanks to: Morwenna Kirwan, Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Health Sciences)

More ways to use iLearn Insights

  1. You can create an email template in iLearn Insights that can be re-used in any of your current and future units. Why not create a new email template with ‘Variables‘ and re-use it across all your units. This can be done easily by creating an email template (Step 1 only) from Personalised bulk email > Create or edit email template menu. You can always take advantage of Step 2 and Step 3 to schedule emails for the entire session.
    Once an email template is created, it will be available to use in all bulk emails from the ‘Available email template(s)’ selection box.
  2. You can track student participation based on grade-book mark or attendance using iLearn attendance activity (Only for MUIC). Please contact Shamim Joarder (, if you need to know more.

iLearn Insights Zoom consultancy – your questions answered!

One of the aims of iLearn Insights is to reduce the workload for academics and support staff. So, we definitely don’t want anyone to spending too much time understanding iLearn Insights. Instead, you can just ask your specific questions and get the answer right away during the consultancy times below.

Shamim Joarder will be available via Zoom on the following days for an hour to answer all your queries. The Zoom link will be emailed to the iLearn Insights group email. Zoom in anytime during the hour.

Orientation week:
Monday, 14 Feb 2022 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Week 1:
Monday, 21 Feb 2022 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Tuesday, 22 Feb 2022 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Wednesday, 23 Feb 2022 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Thursday, 24 Feb 2022 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Get the Zoom link here

Need more help?

Please contact Shamim Joarder or Jeremy Hind for more information. Further information can be found on the iLearn Insights website.

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