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This PLaCE resources page includes information about:

  • Rubric examples and templates
  • Guidelines for using rubrics, including:
    • Developing and (re)designing rubrics
    • Rubrics for specific types of assessment,
    • How to co-develop rubrics with students

Some examples of ‘good’ rubrics are included. We are also asking colleagues across MQ to ‘donate’ rubrics that they, other colleagues, and/or students have used, that have stood the test of time, or that have been particularly useful for specific types of assessment, and these will be added here. Contact

Rubric examples and templates
A collection of rubricsA collection of rubrics (read only access). Rubric examples for each Blooms level and for common areas such as communication, critical thinking, quantitative literacy, ethical reasoning, and many more (By Olga Kozar, MQ).
A list of rubric linksA list of links to online resources about rubrics.
Article critique annotated bibliographyAssessment and feedback templates for 3 different assessment tasks: an Article Critique, a Portfolio Annotated Bibliography and a Curriculum Assessment Investigation with descriptions for the general standards applied to all assessment tasks.
Assessment toolkit rubricsMQ toolkit on using assessment rubrics: includes a generic rubric that can be adapted which has descriptions at four levels of attainment across a range of
generic learning attributes that might be taught and assessed in a university context.
Blogging rubricAn example of a rubric for a blogging task.
e-learning tool evaluation rubricA rubric to evaluate e-learning tools in higher education. (Western University)
e-portfolio rubrice-Portfolio (digital portfolio) rubric. (University of Wisconsin)
Formative assessmentDiscussion paper: the various purposes of assessment, what formative assessment is and is not, importance of teacher decision making in the process of assessment that informs instruction and improves student learning. (National Council of Teachers of English, Urbana)
Generic assessment rubric templateAn online learning good practice guide from TEQSA.
Generic skills assessment rubricsCriteria for the generic skills of teamwork, ethics, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. (MQ resource)
Generic skills assessment rubrics plus researchCriteria for the generic skills of teamwork, ethics, communication, critical thinking and problem solving – includes criteria for a research masters (MQBS spreadsheet)
Group and self assessment tool rubricAn example rubric for students to use when assessing their peers and
self for a class project.
Group project grading rubricA grading rubric example for a group project (Eberly Centre for Teaching Excellence)
Group work assessment rubric A group work assessment marking rubric (Western Sydney Uni)
Minimalist rubricAn example of a minimalist rubric for providing feedback on a project/activity plan.
Online discussion sample rubricA example rubric for assessing participation in online learning activities.
Online discussion forums rubricAn example rubric to guide students in writing original posts and replying to other
students in online discussion forums. (University of Wisconsin)
Podcast rubricAn example rubric for a podcast assessment task. (University of Wisconsin)
Portfolio assessments rubricGuidelines and example rubric for using portfolios to asses program learning outcomes. (WSC Senior College and University Commission)
Reflection assignments rubricAn example rubric for a Reflection Assignment covering the dimensions of deep thinking, analysis, synthesis, honesty and self awareness, specificity, thoroughness, clarity and correctness. (Bowling Green State University)
Reflection rubricExample rubric for a reflective practice assessment task (MQ)
Research writing rubricAn Academic Research Writing and Formatting Rubric. (Dr. Kay Lehmann)
Rubrics workshopAssessment rubrics, marking guidelines and performance standards. (Slides from a workshop MQ School of Education)
Student blog rubricAn example rubric for evaluating student blogs. (University of Wisconsin)
Twitter RubricAn example rubric used for assessing use of Twitter for instructional assignments. (University of Wisconsin)
Video assessment rubricAn example of a rubric to assess a video post assessment. (UTS)
Video conferencing Zoom rubricAn example of a rubric rubric which assesses real-time sessions to foster community, present topics, and enhance learning. (University of Wisconsin)
Video interview rubricAn example of a rubric to assess a digital video assignment.
Video presentation rubricAn example rubric for assessing video presentations.
Video production evaluationAn example evaluation rubric for a video production assessment task.
Video production skills training rubricTwo assessment tasks are described and marking rubrics provided for a practical skill training task and a skill training project report on the topic of human motor learning and control.
Voice Thread reflective assessment taskA template with questions for students to use to reflect on comments made by classmates in a Voice Thread conversation.
Voice Thread RubricAn example rubric to use to assess student contributions in VoiceThread activities.
Web page rubric basicAn example rubric for evaluating web pages. (University of Wisconsin)
Guidelines for writing rubrics
Rubrics – Why, What, HowA quick tour of the Why, What, and How of rubrics in this TECHE post – with links
Designing rubricsOverview of what rubrics are, how to create and use within Turnitin, resources for rubric design plus some great exemplars. (Arts L&T site)
Designing an assessment rubric (TEQSA)A generic rubric to assist in articulating what is worth learning (what to learn) in a discipline and how the various levels or standards of attainment are recognised (how well was it learned). An online learning good practice guide from TEQSA.
Developing and using instructional rubricsDiscusses the role of rubrics in an effective assessment system, how to develop and evaluate rubrics, and how to involve students in developing and using rubrics to
further their own learning. (Educational Research Services, Virginia)
Rubric Design Quick GuideA quick (1 page) guide to creating and using rubrics that are easy for students and markers to understand. (MQ resource)
Rubric word banks for writing rubricsLists of qualifiers, quantifiers, nouns, verbs and phrases including verbs organised by Blooms Taxonomy. (Developed by Moira Cordiner)
Writing assessment criteria and standardsPractical guidelines for writing assessment criteria and standards. (Developed by Dr Clair Hughes (TEDI/The University of Queensland)).

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