The Learning Innovation Team is an active and prominent contributor to the research, development, and effective implementation of leading learning and teaching technology and pedagogical innovation in support of our faculties and business units.

Being education and technology aficionados, we ensure systems and processes are developed and implemented to highlight and showcase innovation in teaching and learning and create opportunities for the utilisation and further development of best practice across the University.

Our team also provides analytical support to develop acuity, inform decision-making, and formulate tailored solutions in the execution of innovation initiatives spanning the Learning and Teaching portfolio in line with the University’s Operating Plan.

Our team includes:

  • Arda Tezcan, Learning and Innovation Manager – Ed & Tech Brainbox
  • Marie Johnsen, Learning and Innovation Coordinator – Data Mastermind

In 2020, we successfully led the end-to-end procurement and implementation of the University’s enterprise ePortfolio solution Portfolium.

Recently, we have established the ePortfolio Advisory Group to facilitate an advisory and knowledge hub that comprises shared and collective learning associated with ePortfolio activities and practices. The Group has been formed to provide advice and suggest best practices to ePortfolio practitioners around the University. Advice and practices will be presented from both pedagogical and technology design and implementation perspectives.  Further information can be found in the TECHE article on our enterprise ePortfolio platform.

We have also played an integral role in establishing the University’s digital and business infrastructure to mobilise the delivery of micro-credentials. We have already rolled out MQ’s enterprise Learning Management System proLearn and digital credentialling platform Accredible in liaison with IT.  Last year the Micro-credential Policy & Procedure and Framework were finalised in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders across the University.

Currently, we are making progress into the following four main arenas:

  1. Facilitate the University-wide adoption and utilisation of ePortfolio pedagogy, practice, and technology by students and staff.
  2. Continue building the systems, processes, and resources to support the execution of the University’s strategic direction on micro-credentials.
  3. Support the University’s response to sector-wide reform and performance funding programs such as the National Priorities and Industry Linkage Fund (NPILF).
  4. Collaborate with Learning and Teaching portfolio leaders and Business Intelligence Reporting unit to develop, implement, and monitor reports and dashboards that will drive positive outcomes in terms of learning, student success, and graduate employability.

We love technology (and needless to say!) and innovation. We generally spend our time with having nerdy conversations around digital tech (you are more than welcome to join us!). We are a new business unit; thus, we are still enjoying the discovery phase of unearthing our unique way of wholly-geeky-techy-witty-happy-lively-jolly headspaces!

The Learning and Innovation Team can be contacted via Arda at

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