There is no one-size-fits-all answer as the Global Leadership Program (GLP) is not a one-size-fits-all program. With hundreds of practical activities to choose from and a diverse range of workshop topics available, no two GLP student experiences look the same.

Yet for all students, we believe the GLP is a transformative Macquarie experience that motivates its participants to become active global leaders. The GLP opens up new possibilities for its students by giving them a critical understanding of diverse issues and perspectives, as well as the skills and experiences they need to confidently connect and communicate across cultures as global citizens. GLP graduates are more equipped to understand the complexities and challenges of our world today, such as those addressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The GLP has core competencies and graduate outcomes that all GLP graduates meet by virtue of completing the Program. Yet, within our broadly defined goals, there is something special in the individual student experience, as they customise the Program to build the skills, experiences and knowledge that are meaningful to them. 

In this respect, the GLP acts as a platform for students to build opportunities and experiences that will influence their pathway to success. A structure to discover new interests, deepen passions, develop skills, improve employability, build community, and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

So, when students ask us “What do I get out of the GLP?”, we can use it as an opportunity to ask them, “What do you want to get out of the GLP?” and listen to how we can help them achieve success.

To celebrate the end of Session 1, 2021, and the GLP graduates of this most recent cohort, we want to share some of the diverse GLP student stories. We are always so proud of their achievements and wish them every happiness and future success, however they choose to define it.  

The Global Leadership Program has provided me with a platform to experience a wide variety of activities well beyond the usual depth and breadth of my degree alone. I have taken part in conferences, studies, exchanges, dialogues, events and discussions that have made me a more knowledgeable and well-rounded graduate, and ultimately has enriched my university experience and made my resume much more interesting to future employers. The many activities I have undertaken as part of the Global Leadership Program have helped me to forge lasting connections through shared experiences, and I actually met my best friend on the GLP Canberra Symposium during my first year! On a local level, I frequently bump into people I met through GLP, but I now also have a wide network of friends overseas, whether I met them on exchange myself or when they were international or exchange students when completing the GLP at Macquarie. 

Heather Pym – Bachelor of Laws (Hons) with Bachelor of International Studies

The GLP really helps you to think beyond boundaries. I was able to learn about new cultures, new ways to think, new ways to handle certain problems, and so many new things that I never thought I would take with me from doing this program.

Sahib Singh Bhatia – Master of Banking and Finance

The Global Leadership Program has been an invaluable experience that has opened my eyes and my mind to the vast array of issues within this world. It can be daunting to tackle these issues but the GLP provides a wealth of information and practical tips to help with this. The key is being able to have a forum for open discussion with industry experts and fellow students where you can share personal experiences, enhance perspectives and learn from each other.

I think anyone that participates in the GLP is going to be a better person after!

Emily McGrath – Bachelor of Commerce with the degree of Bachelor Science

The GLP shaped me in the best way through giving me the opportunity to learn about social and global issues which I wouldn’t have focused on if I was just completing my degree, through the valuable Colloquia. Adding to this, the activities for Experiential Credit made me realise my leadership abilities and personal skills that can be used to progress professionally. In a sentence, the GLP helped me in re-discovering myself and made me feel that I belong to MQ.

Sahithi Kodali – Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

One thing GLP has helped me to discover is the human in me. Professional or personal, it has surely influenced me in many ways. GLP was intriguing at first as the things it required were out of my professional interests. Stepping out of my comfort-zone and engaging in some powerful discussions with my fellow mates from MQ really turned the tables! It has changed me for good. Never did I think, I would achieve such knowledge and skills from GLP. Best decision ever!

Shweta Jiten Dalal – Master of Banking and Finance

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