Macquarie University is committed to supporting students and staff during the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

This guide outlines steps to get up and running with online delivery.

Can your unit be delivered online?

We’ve identified three groups that categorise the status of a unit’s readiness to be delivered online:

    Your unit was already fully online or has moved to a fully online version. (e.g OUA, External offering).
    Your unit or parts of your unit can be delivered online with modifications to learning activities and/or assessments.
    No part of your unit is able to be delivered online and therefore needs to be suspended for Session 1.

How do you setup your unit for online delivery?

An Essential Information for Students label will be added to your iLearn unit. This label provides important information to students about the unit. You will need to:

  1. Remove the four attendance modes that do not apply to your unit from the label
  2. Update assessment information and ensure it is available in your iLearn unit.

Instructions on how to update the label will be made available.

  1. If your unit is already FULLY ONLINE:

• You will need to manage your groups/groupings to ensure internal students have access to the same or equivalent content and learning activities as the OUA or external students.
• You will need to provide an active presence in your iLearn unit to provide timely support and communications to all students. (iLearn Insights can assist in providing you information to identify student support needs)
• You may want to continue to use your scheduled lecture theatre to deliver your lecture to an empty theatre/room to ensure continuity of delivery. If you want to record lectures from your personal computer, see our Echo360 Universal Capture guides(Note: You can not live stream through your computer).

What students want in their online learning

Taken from research conducted with students as part of the development of TELAS online teaching standards.

2. If your unit is campus-based / in blended mode / partially online:

  • Identify the unit learning activities and assessment tasks that can be modified for online delivery.
  • Discuss your proposed modifications with your Head of Department (or delegate).
  • For activities or assessments that you have identified as not being able to be delivered online, decisions regarding alternate arrangements will need to be made in consultation with your Head of Department (or delegate). This may include:
    • Enhanced social distancing measures for campus-based delivery (requires approval of the Vice-Chancellor)
    • Postponement of scheduled activities/assessments until a later date
    • Intensive block mode for the facilitation of activities and/or assessments that are not deliverable online.

Options for online learning activity modifications

Online Technologies and Tools On-campus Learning Activities
Echo recordingLectures
ZoomSeminars, Tutorials, One-on-one consultations, office hours, peer-led learning, group activities
Discussion Forum Seminars, Tutorials, peer-led learning, group activities
Podcast / Audio / Video Lectures, peer-led learning

*If you require assistance email or raise a OneHelp ticket

Options for online assessment modifications

Offline AssessmentOnline Assessment
In-class quiz / testOpen-book take-home test, open-book online quiz, iLearn quiz with Zoom invigilation, randomised and tightly-timed quiz with a large question bank, alternative assessment
In-class presentationsZoom, submit recording of presentation, narrated Powerpoint video, podcasts, audio
Final ExamOpen-book take-home exam, Open book iLearn quiz, Defer assessment
Group work / projectStudents work in online teams eg. Zoom meetings, Google Docs, Wiki, and submit their assessment to iLearn,

*If you require assistance email or raise a OneHelp ticket

3. If your unit has been SUSPENDED:

No part of the unit can be delivered online and approval for campus delivery in compliance with enhanced social distancing measures is not granted by the Vice-Chancellor. The unit will need to be suspended for Session 1.

COVID-19 Online Delivery Support Resources and more information

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