Academic teaching staff at Macquarie and around the world are being challenged to rapidly transition their units to online delivery, but is it as hard as it sounds?

Join Associate Professor Matt Bower (School of Education) for this one hour webinar, where he will provide teaching staff with a jumpstart overview of how to map their existing teaching approaches into online mode. The webinar will also cover the basics of how to record and share lectures using ECHO360 Personal Capture, and how to run tutorials using Zoom.

Additionally, a wide range of free tools that can be used to promote more collaborative and reflective learning will be introduced. The webinar is designed to be interactive, with participant contributions used to drive the discussion. People who would like more personalised assistance are invited to stay online after the main presentation to informally talk about their specific circumstances.

The webinar will run on Monday 23 March 2020 at 3pm and a repeat session on Wednesday 25 March 2020 at 10am.

The Webinar recording is available via Zoom here.

Convenor bio: Matt Bower is an Associate Professor in the School of Education who specialises in online learning. Matt was the recipient of the 2019 MQ VC Teaching Excellence award, and is happy to assist anyone making the transition to teaching online.

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  1. I attended Monday’s webinar and it was both instructive and insightful. I encourage everyone to attend – even if just to see how a ‘pro’ manages an interactive zoom session!


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