The trial of the Academic Integrity Module (AIM) mandatory completion will continue in 100-level FHS units in Session 2, after a successful initial Session 1 trial.

How it works: Student access to unit content and assessment information is initially restricted. Students follow the link to the module and complete it, which takes approximately 1 hour. They must then score 80% or higher on the final Mastery Quiz in order to gain automatic access to the unit content past week 1 and assessment information.

Students who’ve completed the the module in a past session won’t have to redo it; they only need to complete once during their studies.

Unit Convenors don’t need to add information about the module, content restrictions and links to the unit for students – this will all be done for you.

Student feedback from Session 1 was extremely positive in terms of the usefulness and relevance of AIM information, unit navigability and clarity of the completion requirements. There are a few changes on the cards for this session, such further streamlining the pathway through the module and some subsequent tweaks to student and staff communications.

For more background on the goals of AIM mandatory completion, here’s a past post. As a staff member, you’re strongly encouraged to access the unit and complete the sections. There’s also an easy way to track student completion of AIM using the fantastic iLearn Insights tool.

The trial is being coordinated by the Learning Innovation Hub Learning Technologies team. For help and support, email

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