Good news for users of Anatomy TV, a set of online 3D anatomy resources: the Library has recently purchased the updates below and there’s a range of help resources available to support them.

The features available through Anatomy TV are extremely detailed and comprehensive; these updates are designed to further enhance the teaching and learning experience. They include:

  • The Embeddable Viewer, which allows content to be embedded directly within an LMS. Students can interact with the 3D Model without leaving the LMS
  • Augmented Reality Function, which allows students to view the 3D Model in Augmented Reality
  • Next Gen Anatomy Search, an enhanced and intuitive search function
  • Mobile Access
  • Clinical Content

Support Material Links

Embedded Viewer:

Augmented Reality Function for 3D Real Time:

To find out more about Anatomy TV, visit the multisearch page for more information and to access the tools and resources.

Thanks to Heather Cooper in the Library for this information.

Posted by Alex Thackray

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