Month: March 2018

By Mike Catabay for LIH

My Study Story: Amelia Vella

I wanted to hear from a student about their experience, how they feel they're progressing in their study, of uni in general, what motivates and helps them and what, if anything, holds them back. So I asked my cousin, Amelia,...

/ 29 March, 2018
4 images, each demonstrating different colour seeing conditions

Don’t Forget About Students With Colour Blindness

What's it like to have a form of colour blindness and what can educators and L&T support staff do to support students affected by colour blindness?

/ 29 March, 2018

Group Auto Sync: Your questions answered

Many of you are now using the fabulous group auto sync function in iLearn. So what better time to address some FAQs that have been coming through? Let’d Do This GIF from Letsdothis GIFs 1. What groups are created? Several...

/ 29 March, 2018

Students as Partners: Dean Bevitt

 Dean Bevitt Hi, my name is Dean. I am in my third year of Psych (Honours), with potentially a Masters in Organisational Psychology after that. Aside from studies at university, I volunteer at Lifeline and work on the weekend running...

/ 29 March, 2018

Students as Partners Program: 2018 FoHS ‘Learning 2020’ Priority

A strategic approach to stimulate a students as partners culture throughout the learning journey and beyond.

/ 28 March, 2018
Train tracks

Train Station Closure –
It’s Time To Prepare

With the train station set to close later this year, now is the time to plan, prepare and familiarise yourselves with available tools and approaches to best navigate the change.

/ 27 March, 2018
colleagues talking

Peer Review of Teaching and Curriculum Community of Practice

The Peer Review Community of Practice (PR CoP) recently discussed practices, methods and activities that fit under the umbrella of 'peer review'.

/ 26 March, 2018
Green Screen Recording in LIH Studio - Photo by Mike Catabay for LIH

Need help with Educational Media?

Find out more about the different levels of support our Educational Media Producers can provide for your video, photography, motion graphics and virtual and augmented reality projects.

/ 22 March, 2018

Learning about Learning Analytics

Last week Jeremy Hind and Fidel Fernando attended the International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK '18). Here they share what they learned.

/ 22 March, 2018