The Learning Innovation Hub is involved in a diverse range of activities. The infographic below outlines the shear volume of this activity.

This is a quick first attempt at trying to paint a picture of how the LIH supports the advancement of learning technologies, professional learning and community building. From here we plan to develop this further and post an Activity Wrap Up after each session, to track trends, illustrate engagement and outline developments in learning technologies and the L&T community.

The graphic isn’t exhaustive and it doesn’t cover all areas of the LIH. For proof of concept projects (where we test out new products, technologies and tools), check out Alper’s post, and we’ll post Echo360 stats in next session’s wrap up, as new conditions came in at the start of this year.

infographic with 2017 LIH statistics

If you have any feedback on what learning technologies trends and developments you’re interested to hear more about, please leave a comment below.

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