“I didn’t know you guys, or this space, existed!”, remarked a colleague as she was finishing up a DIY video editing session in our Media Lab.

The LIH Media Lab can be used by MQ staff for DIY video editing for learning and teaching purposes.

As an Educational Media Producer I was taken aback, as I had helped her create videos several years ago, however, I understood where my colleague from faculty was coming from. I’ve heard on the grapevine that after the devolution of the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC), many of our partners across the university had no idea where the ‘centrally-based people who made video’ went.

That’s OK – because I’m excited to inform you that you can get specialised help with producing educational media on campus. At the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) there’s a small (yet mighty!) Educational Media Production team that can support you in exploring approaches for, and producing, bespoke, fit-for-purpose media, with expertise in

  • video
  • photography
  • motion graphics
  • virtual and augmented reality

to enhance a variety of learning and teaching initiatives.

High-level support – We can work with you from start to finish, to produce high quality, engaging and entertaining content for your units.

“For our flipped classes in MECO399, we needed the full Hollywood treatment – filming a lecture, adding backgrounds and video snippets, word art and music. The two Michaels did a great job, helping me with script writing tips, monologue length suggestions, what to where, etc. The final product was a high-quality production and resulted in high engagement levels with the students, and a product that we can use in future years. Great job, guys!”

Dr Ray Welling – Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Media, Music, Communication & Cultural Studies / Department of Marketing & Management

Ray and his co-convenor Lawrence have set up a blog and a LinkedIn group for MECO399 students and alumni for further discussion of the topics covered in their unit. What a fantastic idea!

Mid-level support – We can loan you equipment to support your productions, and provide assistance at any point in the production process.

Michael Garganera and Chloe Szilas filming a TBL Workshop.

Michael Garganera and Chloe Szilas filming a TBL Workshop.

“The LIH Ed Media Producers were incredibly helpful when supporting me with the Team Based Learning videos that I worked on, providing me not only with the camera and sound gear that I needed, but also helping out with filming and capturing footage when required. Their enthusiasm and expertise were invaluable in ensuring the success of the project.”

Chloe Szilas – Learning & Teaching Support Officer, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Low-level support – For the DIY community out there, we can support you by loaning suitable equipment to help you get the job done well.

Photo from Macquarie International

Behind the scenes from Macquarie International’s Facebook Live session.

“The LIH Ed Media Producers are super helpful and resourceful – they agreed to lend us high-quality lighting equipment for our Facebook Live Pre-departure Session for International Students at very short notice. Thanks to their lighting equipment, our session was a huge success – a live broadcast to around 500 students around the world!”

Rita Do – International Campaign Assistant, Macquarie International

If you’re keen to explore ways you can improve your learning and teaching projects with the use of media, get in touch with the LIH Educational Media Producers at lih-sst@mq.edu.au

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