What have been the most frequently asked questions about ALP in the lead up to Session 1, 2018?

1. How do I create my presentation in ALP?

Here are the basics:

(a) Create a presentation in ALP by Add Slides > Upload Slides

(b) In your presentation, add Interactive Slides (i.e. activities) by Add Activity > Add Interactive Slides

Activity types:

2. Can I embed media (like videos, images and rich media) in my presentation?

We asked Echo and they delivered!
When editing your presentation in the Active Learning Platform, you can now Add Slides > Create a Media Slide:
You can add a URL* or upload an image:
 *Click on the learn more link to access the Embedly Providers of: videos, images, rich media (e.g. from Prezi to Storify) that can be automatically formatted into your presentation:

3. What can the ALP analytics tell me?

Everyone is asking:

How do I know which students have been present during the live lecture, connected via live stream, or re-watched the recorded lecture?

This is complex to answer at this time – and that’s why it’s the subject of current research by Mitch and co:
Comparing student engagement in different modes of ‘lecture’ delivery at Macquarie University
(a) Analytics: Data

Many of the student interactions with the Echo360 Active Learning Platform are available through the analytics page. The data covers metrics for;

  • Video Views
  • Presentation Slide Views
  • Student Q&A
  • Notes taken (word count)
  • Activities and answers to quizzes and polls.

The various metrics feed into a customisable weight creating an engagement score for each student.

See the Analytics tab under the MQ ALP Staff Guides.

(b) Analytics: Interpretation

In a nutshell:

The Echo360 ALP Analytics engagement score represents student engagement with ALP itself.

Since students have other avenues for viewing and engaging with lecture content outside the ALP:

  • physical attendance ≠ ALP attendance score or view score
  • paper-based note taking ≠ ALP notes word count
  • downloading a lecture video or slides ≠ ALP view score
  • physical attendance viewing the slides projected in the theatre where there is no need to view the static presentation on your device ≠ view score
  • video view ≠ downloads (i.e. it measures streaming views)
  • attendance = student clicked into class during the scheduled time (i.e. either live streaming in or accessing the Interactive Slides while physically present in the lecture theatre)

Activities (i.e. Interactive Slides) are the most accurate engagement measure:
the student either did or didn’t complete the task.

Explore more with the Echo360 Active Learning Platform Guides:

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