Did you know that all Macquarie staff have access to an impressive web conferencing tool? It is called Zoom and is packed with loads of features that allow you to host or attend interactive web-based video meetings. To access Zoom and set up and meeting, go to https://macquarie.zoom.us/ and enter your OneID and password.

What can I do with Zoom?

Host a session with up to 300 users

  • Share your screen with all the attendees. Share your desktop with all attendees or just a single application
  • Any attendee can share their screen with the group
  • You can also share your iPhone or iPad screen as part of the meeting
  • The video feed focuses on whoever is speaking at the time
  • You can invite people who don’t have a OneID to Zoom meetings. Only the host of the meeting needs a OneID to login to Zoom. Attendees can join a meeting from the meeting invite you send them.
  • Sessions are up to unlimited in duration.

Use a collaborative online whiteboard

  • To share ideas on the fly
  • To work together virtually during a brainstorming session
  • To create Khan Academy style lectures

Record your event

  • One click recording of any event for easy sharing or to review at a later date

Breakout rooms

  • Attendees can move into breakout rooms for smaller group discussions and then return to the main room
  • Breakout groups can be created with randomly created groups or the host can manually add users to groups

Live chat

  • Live chat by typing questions or comments with other attendees during the session
  • The chat stream also allows the host to share links with attendees if they wish to direct them to a web page

When would I use Zoom?

Zoom can be used any time you need to meet or broadcast to a group online. Zoom is a flexible tool so you can be creative in how you choose to use it.

  • You can host team meetings when staff members are not on campus
  • You can advertise virtual office hours and schedule online meetings with students rather than meeting them in your office
  • You can use Zoom to record a lecture, recording your desktop/online workspace and the webcam. To do this just start a meeting with no other attendees and hit record. Once you stop recording Zoom will automatically create an MP4 video file that can then be shared with students or uploaded to Echo360 or added to your course in iLearn
  • Zoom can be used to host panel interviews for candidates who are unable to come in to campus

Zoom is very user-friendly and has an easy to use interface so feel free to head to the Zoom Help Centre for guidance or head to https://macquarie.zoom.us/ to get started.

Posted by Jeremy Hind

Jeremy is the Manager Application Services (Learning and Teaching).

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