Did you know that many of your students do not think about what they want to do when they are done studying? In today’s competitive economy and a world full of choices and options, it is critical that your students start engaging in the process of career planning and development early. 

Over the last few months the Career and Employment Service in collaboration with the LIH have been busy developing a new iLearn unit called CareerWise.

CareerWise is an innovative online learning platform that enables students to  develop their career goals, find information on how to develop their experience, and helps them prepare for the world of work.  Situated on ilearn under Student Support, along with a suite of Wise programs, CareerWise, aims to assist our students to become more employable.

Academics are encouraged to use the resource with students, particularly the interactive elements and the My Career Planner feature.  Module 1 looks at career exploration and ideas, Module 2 delves into vacation work/internships and networking and the final module is the “how to” element covering resumes, selection criteria and interview skills.  Employability is a central tenet within the Learning and Teaching framework and utlising CareerWise is another means for us to work with our students towards their professional identity and working lives.

Who knows, you may discover your students will gain a renewed focus and drive to succeed in your unit because they know what they want to get out of it. (If so, let us know about it!) Professional and academic staff may even find a few interesting tips and tricks for their own career planning and development, like setting up and maintaining a killer LinkedIn profile, for instance. There is something in CareerWise for everyone!

For help or assistance accessing CareerWise send a OneHelp ticket to the iLearn Support team.

Posted by Lauren Bacigalupo

Events and Project Officer, Learning and Innovation Hub

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