Month: August 2017

Teaching With Cultural Diversity

In this post, we draw attention to the impact of diversity on learning and teaching and provide some suggestions on how to incorporate more awareness and understanding into your practice.

/ 31 August, 2017
John Croucher. Photo by Michael Garganera

Professors Profess: John S. Croucher

There were two overhead projectors spaced about ten metres apart and I had to go from one to the other as I wrote my words of wisdom on them. I soon became very fit!

/ 30 August, 2017
Student walking on a path - Photo by Mike Catabay for Learning Innovation Hub

We Were All First Years Once

"The transition from school to the real world is a big one, and there are things that I now take for granted that were so foreign to me in the early days."

/ 24 August, 2017

How Well Do You Know Your International Students?

If Macquarie Learning & Teaching staff increase their awareness of the experience of international students, and know where to find support, as a community we can foster a positive learning environment for over 20% of our cohort.

/ 24 August, 2017

EdTech Spotlight: VoiceThread

VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add images, documents, and videos to which other users can add voice, text, audio file or video comments – all asynchronously.

/ 17 August, 2017

Teacher of the Week: mAI the Chatbot

mAI is the Chatbot helping 1st year psychology students with basic information about getting started in their units.

/ 11 August, 2017

Meet your Peer Review of Teaching Leaders

Peer Review of Teaching promotes a culture of ongoing reflection and communication amongst academics, leading to quality enhancement in learning and teaching (Sachs & Parsell, 2014).

/ 11 August, 2017
Student working at desk

Ten Easy Ways to put Research And Inquiry Into Units – FAQs

Over the last ten weeks Emeritus Professor Angela Brew presented ten simple suggestions to help you change your units or parts of your units to develop students’ research skills and competencies that you can adapt to suit your particular context. Here is...

/ 10 August, 2017

Prowise: A Quickguide

We've recently acquired some touchscreens in the Department of Educational Studies to support teacher education.

/ 4 August, 2017