The Peer Review of Teaching initiative is underway in the Faculty of Human Sciences.

Peer Review of Teaching promotes a culture of ongoing reflection and communication amongst academics, leading to quality enhancement in learning and teaching (Sachs & Parsell, 2014). The Faculty Peer Review of Teaching initiative aligns with the Macquarie University Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework: 2015-2020 and the Faculty of Human Sciences strategic plan, Learning 2020.

Each Department has a nominated representative in the Peer Review Working Party:

Dr Alissa Beath, Department of Psychology

Dr John Knox, Department of Linguistics

Dr Rod Lane, Department of Educational Studies

Dr Eva Marinus, Department of Cognitive Sciences

If you are keen to participate in the trial of Peer Review of Teaching in Semester 2, 2017, please contact your Department representative or Dr Agnes Bosanquet, Senior Teaching Fellow in the Faculty.

Members of the Working Party and champions in their Departments are showcasing various approaches to Peer Review of Teaching.

  • Educational Studies: Rod Lane is leading a series of workshops on peer review of teaching in the Department of Educational Studies, and establishing an action research project that aims to:
    • identify the impacts of peer review on learning and teaching quality in the Department of Educational Studies
    • investigate participants’ views of the peer review process, and
    • evaluate the usefulness of the scaffolds and resources provided to support the peer review.
  • Psychology: Academics in the Department of Psychology are participating in facilitated peer review of live recorded lectures, Alissa Beath is undertaking an evaluation of resources for students and PSYC105 tutors are participating in a mentoring program
  • Linguistics: Scholarly Teaching Fellows in are forming a Peer Review of Teaching circle and assessment and John Knox is facilitating peer review of curriculum practices that will align with assessment moderation practices
  • Cognitive Science: Postdocs in the Department are trialling a system in which they peer review each other’s lectures. Each review will result in a small report listing the most useful feedback that will be accessible to others to benefit from. The aim is to roll out this system to the PhD and senior staff levels and to other teaching activities

Posted by Beverley Miles

Beverley is a Senior Learning Designer in the Academy of Continuing Professional Development in Education, Faculty of Arts. She is the founder of the Macquarie Undergraduate Research Internship (MURI), co-director of the Telemachus Ancient History Mentor Program (Tele's Angels), and member of the Archaeology of Death and Burial TV team led by A/Prof Ronika Power – bringing digital multimodal text types to assessment with Adobe Education.

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