Developing Self and Others: Novice

Here are some ideas to guide your progress through the Developing Self and Others domain of the Professional Learning and Capability Enhancement (PLaCE) Framework:

  • Complete a learning and teaching induction
  • Identify your teaching development priorities and engage in targeted professional development
  • Collaborate and share learning and teaching experiences with others
Identify your development priorities using the PLaCE Persona Tool.

Consolidate your knowledge of Developing Self and Others:

Complete: The MQ Learning and Teaching Staff Induction Module (1-hour self-paced module on Workday)
Identify:Use the PLaCE Persona Tool to identify your teaching development needs relevant for your role
Find development opportunities available now
Enrol:Beginning to Teach – a facilitated program for those new to teaching or with a few sessions of university teaching under their belt. (15 hours)
Observe:Learn by observing teaching – register to observe the class of an MQ colleague to see how they teach, what tools they use and how they engage students in class – and at the same time, contribute to the teaching development of others. (Details for S2 coming soon)

Take it to the next level: Join a community of practice

Join:Join a community of practice to share experiences, and collaborate with and learn from others. Find out more about the Teaching & Leadership Community of Practice, the SWAT Team for Learning Designers, Podcast Discussion Club, and the Learning Technology Research Cluster Group.

If you would like support to create a personalised professional development plan to enhance your teaching capability, please contact 

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