PLaCE Self-Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool is designed to help you identify areas for developing your practice across the five domains of the Professional Learning and Capability Enhancement (PLaCE) Framework:

  1. Learning and teaching scholarship
  2. Student learning and support
  3. Curriculum and assessment
  4. Reflection and feedback on practice
  5. Developing self and others

Each PLaCE domain has a set of questions for you to answer. These questions will help you discover your strengths and areas for development, and provide you with useful resources to enhance your capability across the domain.

Learn more about the PLaCE framework.

Select the PLaCE domain below that you would like to explore for teaching development.

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We thank Macquarie University staff for their contributions in developing the PLaCE framework.
The staff mentioned below have played an integral role in finalising the framework from conception to approval, and we thank them for all their efforts and assistance. Professor Dominique Parrish, Associate Professor Agnes Bosanquet, Cathy Rytmeister, Dr Karina Luzia, Alana Mailey, Dr Olga Kozar, Phillip Raponi, Kylie Coaldrake, Fidel Fernando, Nathan Sollars, Michael Garganera, Laura Heron and Dr Susan Hoadley.

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