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Beverley is a Senior Learning Designer in the Faculty of Business & Economics. She is passionate about students as partners, research-enriched teaching, widening participation, program design, blended learning, and non-traditional multimodal learning activities and assessment. Outside of campus, she can be found with her adorable furbaby, Jubes, running in the quiet dawn hours, drinking copious amounts of tea, and watching/reading the latest scifi offering.

Prowise: A Quickguide

We've recently acquired some touchscreens in the Department of Educational Studies to support teacher education.

/ 4 August, 2017
Students gather round desks at a Making Lectures Interactive workshop in Action

Making Lectures Interactive Workshop: A Post-Mortem

If you weren't at our encore performance of the Making Lectures Interactive workshop (hosted by the Faculty of Science & Engineering and the Research Enrichment Program) on July 12th, boy did you miss out!

/ 14 July, 2017

iLearn. Sigh. #justaskbev

Sorting and arranging student names, IDs and marks into the format the iLearn Gradebook needs from the chaos I receive is just so time-consuming and frustrating. Importing marks drives me bonkers. Surely there's a way that iLearn can do most...

/ 2 June, 2017

iLearn. Sigh. #justaskbev

Is there a way the iLearn Gradebook can only show letter grades to students even though I'm marking with numerical values?

/ 19 April, 2017

Top 5 Facts About the Live Stream Lectures Pilot in Psychology

Everything you need to know about the Live Stream lectures pilot in less than 3 minutes.

/ 8 March, 2017