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Leadership for learning and teaching is Module 22 and part of the Leading learning and teaching pathway through the course. Developed by Sandra Jones (RMIT), Marina Harvey (Macquarie University) and Agnes Bosanquet (Macquarie University) this module promotes a collaborative approach to leadership which recognises the contribution and strengths of teaching staff at all levels of an institution.

Universities and colleges are hierarchical organisations. Positional leadership, which refers to formal and named leadership roles, is the traditional approach to leadership in most higher education institutions. These roles can be described in level classifications, position descriptions, promotions criteria and performance management processes which recognise responsibility for the managerial, strategic and administrative functions of a university.

This module focuses on how those who do not (yet) have positional leadership can reflect on and develop their capabilities using a conceptual model of distributed (collaborative or shared) leadership.

The 6Es of Distributed Leadership

ENGAGE withformal and informal leaders from multiple levels and disciplines contributing diverse expertise while building leadership capacity
ENABLE througha context and culture of respect, trust and collaborative relationships achieving change
ENACT viaoffering support, systems and processes that encourage the people to be involved
ENCOURAGE withresourcing of, and opportunities for, shared decision-making, recognition of contributions to leadership, developmentally appropriate professional and social learning, and networking
EVALUATE byevidence and examples of developed leadership capacity
EMERGENT throughiterative cycles of reflection and Action Research activity
Source: Harvey & Jones, 2022, p. 76

The module guides participants through activities based on this framework, enabling aspiring leaders to put into practice a reflective approach to leadership.

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Banner image: Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
Leadership cartoon: Cartoon drawn by Simon Kneebone from the Distributed Leadership project under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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