I continue to share brief lessons from the modules in Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching.
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Scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching is Module 21 and part of the Enhancing your teaching pathway through the course. Developed by Olga Kozar (Macquarie University) and Marie B. Fisher (Australian Catholic University), this practical module is designed for people who are either new to SoTL or looking for a refresher.

It starts by distinguishing between scholarly teaching – evidence-based reflective teaching – and the scholarship of teaching – a systematic and rigorous inquiry into teaching and learning in higher education that produces evidence to inform scholarly teachers. (The authors note that this definition is common but contested, and recommend watching this 8-minute video Scholarship of Teaching and Learning vs. Scholarly Teaching for different perspectives).

Image reproduced with permission of Dr Olga Kozar

Reflect on which of the following most interests you:

  • Knowing what educational terms mean?
  • Solving your teaching and learning challenges?
  • Increasing your teaching effectiveness?
  • Improving your employment or promotion prospects?
  • Disseminating your research and practice?
  • Being intellectually stimulated?
  • Anything else?

With videos, infographics, worksheets, references and resources, the module guides participants through getting to know journals, brainstorming projects, methodological approaches, finding support and evidencing achievement.

I like the way that disciplinary discomfort is acknowledged for those getting started with SOTL. Watch this video (00:27) of a physics lecturer, Dr John Debs, recipient of a National Award for University Teaching Excellence, talking about his impressions of ‘squishy’ SoTL.

Can you relate to what he’s describing?

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