Udemy Business is a self-paced learning platform and globally recognised video resource for skills development for staff and students, including hundreds of courses covering a wide range of skills from leadership and management, marketing, IT, software, business, personal development and creative skills. Through Macquarie University Library’s subscription, MQ staff and students have access to over 24,000 Udemy Business highly rated courses

Find out how to use Udemy content

The Library recently hosted a webinar for MQ staff providing an introduction to using Udemy Business in your teaching. View the webinar recording to learn how to:

  • Select content 
  • Curate content 
  • Use content within your Online unit 
  • Monitor student engagement and using their analytics dashboards 

These FAQs will help you get up and running with Udemy

For guidance on finding and using Udemy content, creating learning pathways, embedding content into iLearn and more, refer to the Library FAQs for Udemy Business.

How to access Udemy Business

Udemy Business is now available for use via the MultiSearch platform

What to do if you have LinkedIn Learning resources in your iLearn Unit

If you have links to any LinkedIn Learning videos and resources in your iLearn unit you will need to find alternative resources before 30 March 2024 (when the LinkedIn Learning subscription expires).

For support with replacing LinkedIn Learning Videos with alternative content, please do not hesitate to contact your Clinical or Faculty Librarians.


Contact Vanessa Todd – vanessa.todd@mq.edu.au

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Udemy Business logo: Used with permission from Udemy Business

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