The Staff Academic Integrity Module (Foundation) is designed to support teaching staff in fostering academic integrity in classrooms and equip all with the confidence to carry out academic integrity-related responsibilities. The module also assists professional staff with learning and teaching responsibilities in providing the core information required to ensure the continuum of academic integrity best practice.

Academic integrity at all levels of the university is essential in maintaining the value of the degrees we award, preparing our students to be ethical professionals, and upholding the high standards of our learning and teaching. 

Technological advances, the increase in online learning, and the proliferation of contract cheating providers have led to an increase in concern and activity around academic integrity worldwide. In Australia, academic integrity in higher education is also a national priority.

This new module has been developed and piloted by the Academic Literacies Unit, in collaboration with the Learning and Teaching Staff Development team, Dr Sonia Saddiqui (Faculty of Arts) and Dr Carmen Germain (Student Wellbeing).

Who should do this module?

All teaching staff – new or experienced – are highly encouraged to complete this module.

Professional staff with learning and teaching responsibilities should also complete the module.

How will the foundational module help you in your teaching?

This 45-minute module covers topics that help you:

  • understand what academic integrity is and why it matters
  • foster academic integrity in the classroom
  • understand the main types of academic integrity breaches and how to detect potential breaches
  • be familiar with the policy and procedure for managing academic integrity breaches at Macquarie and understand your role in dealing with breaches
  • be acquainted with ways to care for your students’ and your own wellbeing during a breach process.

How will the advanced module help you in your teaching?

The advanced module provides staff with the resources, tools, and equipment to effectively manage classroom discussion about academic integrity. The module also educates staff on assessment design from an academic integrity lens. The topics are:

  • Fostering a culture of academic integrity
  • Assessments and academic integrity
  • Detecting breaches of academic integrity
  • Managing suspected academic integrity breaches

How to access these modules?

Go to Workday. Or click this link:

Questions? Feedback? Collaboration?

The Academic Literacies Unit works with academic staff to design and develop learning resources and activities that can be embedded within the curriculum to help students become better academic writers and better understand the principles of academic integrity. Email with any questions or to find out more.

Further information on academic integrity can be found on the Academic Integrity website.

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