AssignmentWatch is a web-tool designed to help combat academic misconduct through contract-cheating and homework-helper websites. Use of these websites are major source of misconduct within many Australian and international universities. Data shows this problem is growing and many cases of cheating go undetected. AssignmentWatch is a first-of-its-kind tool to combat this form of misconduct.

AssignmentWatch works by monitoring instances of assignment content online. If a student uploads an assignment question to these websites, AssignmentWatch will identify it and send a notification, preventative action can then be taken. By using AssignmentWatch you can relax, knowing our assignment is being monitored for.

AssignmentWatch is designed for short to medium-form questions that are common on problem-solving tasks, quizzes, exams, and lab reports. AssignmentWatch is most useful for those subjects that face challenges from homework helper sites.

The philosophy of AssignmentWatch is to reduce academic misconduct by enabling preventative action before misconduct occurs. By identifying the use of contract cheating and homework helper websites prior to assignment submission, preventative action can be taken. This can include removing infringing content and educating students. These approaches have been shown effective. By doing so, we can foster a culture of academic integrity and reduce the time burden of misconduct processes.

AssignmentWatch is freely available through, alongside a user guide, and other supporting material. AssignmentWatch access is restricted by institution. Macquarie University has been granted access to AssignmentWatch so you can use it from today!

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As AssignmentWatch is a new tool, it is currently under trial. If you do use AssignmentWatch’s services, email your feedback to Mr Riley O’Keeffee, Academic Integrity Project Manager at

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