The newly designed ‘Cheating is Never the Right Answer’ module has been developed in line with TEQSA’s Cheating is Never the Right Answer campaign. The module focuses on developing students’ knowledge of how they can identify, avoid, and report illegal cheating services and is designed to complement the Student Academic Integrity module.

The Cheating is Never the Right Answer module also touches on real student experiences with illegal cheating services which highlight the seriousness and risk of using these services.

The Module is available to any student; however, students who engage in contract cheating and/or post material on document-sharing websites will be required to complete it as an educational learning outcome.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Explain how academic cheating services commonly market themselves to students,
  2. Describe the consequences for using academic cheating services,
  3. Explain how to avoid academic cheating services, and
  4. Describe when and how to report academic cheating services

Put an announcement in your unit and get your students to complete the module today!

Posted by Riley O'Keeffe

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