The Senate Learning and Teaching Committee (SLTC) is a sub-committee of the Academic Senate that considers matters relating to Learning and Teaching, including policies, procedures and quality assurance processes, pedagogical excellence and student outcomes. SLTC then provides advice on these matters to Academic Senate and the University more broadly. This post introduces the members of SLTC and outlines some of the work they are currently undertaking.

Who are the members of Senate Learning and Teaching Committee?

THe SLTC is comprised of:

  • Educational leaders and representatives from all faculties
  • Two student members
  • Representatives from Academic Senate
  • Other specialist members fulfilling key roles from across the University

The full membership of SLTC is provided below.

What are SLTC members currently working on?

One important project being undertaken by SLTC is the Defining Standards Based Assessment at Macquarie University project. This project examines how we apply standards based assessment within tasks, units and courses in order to ensure we are meeting the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF Threshold Standards) 2015 Section 1.4: Methods of assessment are consistent with the learning outcomes being assessed, are capable of confirming that all specified learning outcomes are achieved and that grades awarded reflect the level of student attainment. The outcomes of this project will inform how we conduct and track assessment at the University.

Another interesting project that SLTC is undertaking is the Critically Evaluating the Quality and Effectiveness of Educational Innovations and Proposals for Innovations project. In this project we are examining where educational innovation occurs across the university, the ways in which educational innovation is supported both centrally and within faculties, and how educational innovation is evaluated to provide requisite governance and oversight (in accordance with HESF 6.3.2.f). 

SLTC members have also been providing input into policy and procedure reviews, for instance, those relating to Academic Appeals, Learning Technologies, and Academic Language and Literacies. As well, SLTC members are providing feedback about ongoing reports and initiatives that are raised in meetings throughout the year.

Have your say and find out more

Are you interested in having input into any of the work of SLTC, or are you interested in finding out more? Then don’t hesitate to contact members of SLTC to ask questions and express your ideas. Your input very much helps SLTC members to undertake their representative roles.

As well, if you would like further information about SLTC work and are not sure who to contact, then simply email

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