Did you know MQ staff have view access to all teaching units in iLearn? This creates a learning community where colleagues can share and learn from each other’s teaching practice.

I’m a big fan of open iLearn. I browse it to get ideas and inspiration from other unit convenors that I otherwise wouldn’t interact with. It’s also important to me to see what the students see so I can get an idea of what they are experiencing outside of my units.

Dr Emily Don, Lecturer, Macquarie Medical School, Faculty of Medicine, Health & Human Sciences

Watch the video to see how you can search and access units in Open iLearn.

To access a unit in Open iLearn:

1. Login to iLearn with your staff MQ OneID.

2. From the iLearn Home page, type in the unit code you wish to search for in the Open iLearn search block and click Search.

3. Select the unit for the study period you would like to view.

You can access iLearn units from 2016 onwards.

4. Browse the unit

You can now browse through the unit with a ‘student’ view, and see any teaching materials, activities and assessment instructions. You will not be able to see any student contributions, submissions or grades. Note, you may need to complete the Academic Integrity Module (as a student would) if you haven’t already, to gain access to content in some units. This shouldn’t take you long though – and you just need to ensure you do the Quiz at the end for the system to recognise ‘completion’ of the AI module.

5. Navigate back to the home screen

To navigate back to the My Home screen and search again, click on MyHome in the bread crumbs navigation trail at the top of the screen.

Open iLearn supports Open for Observation program and peer review

In the Open for Observation program, teaching staff across the university open up their classes to allow others to learn by observing the their teaching practices. If you are going along as an observer to a class, then accessing the unit in Open iLearn first is a great way to get a feel for what’s being taught and some of the tools and technologies being used.

It’s a great tool for everyone’s teaching development.


Contact ilearn.help@mq.edu.au for any questions about Open iLearn.

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Posted by Amanda Parker

Learning Enhancement Manager, PVC L&T

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