The iLearn Drop-in Clinic is a service offered at the start of every session to provide staff with customised help with iLearn, iTeach, Echo360, Turnitin and Feedback Studio and get questions answered about all other MQ learning technologies.

Thanks to the expertise and support of Learning Designers from across all Faculties, the Session 1 iLearn Drop in Clinic was another great success. Over the 3 weeks we helped 173 people, delivering this service via Zoom.

Here’s the answers to the top 5 most commonly asked questions this session:

1. Can you check if my Gradebook is set up correctly?

We have comprehensive guides on how to check if your Gradebook is set up correctly. The first thing to determine is if all of the assessments have been created (e.g. Turnitin Assignments, Quizzes, Forums). These online activities will automatically create a column in the Gradebook for you. Once that is complete, it will be much easier to manipulate the categories and grade items in the Gradebook.

Since there are variations on how to manage the weightings, we have comprehensive guides on how to set up this up with our Gradebook quick guides.

2. Can you help me with the Turnitin settings and creating a rubric?

When you clone your unit over to a new session, the Turnitin assignments do not clone over with it, so these will have to be created manually again. This is a great chance to check if all the settings are correct (e.g. Originality report visibility, allowing re-submissions and due/post dates).

Rubrics can be created when you select Launch Rubric Manager but its important to remember that it is not attached to the assignment until you select it from dropdown list in the assignment settings.

We have comprehensive guides for Turnitin and Feedback studio for more information.

Try these online self-paced modules to learn more abut using Feedback Studio and Rubrics.

3. I have lots of questions about Echo360 – please help!

There were many different questions regarding Echo360 and preparing for teaching, including how to locate and reuse a past recording, how to list recordings on my unit’s Echo360 page and should I use Zoom or Echo360.

View this Teche Post where you get the answers to the top 10 frequently asked questions about using Echo360.

This self-paced ECHO360 Universal Capture Module will help you understand Echo360 and step you through how to create and upload your own recorded media.

4. How do I add iLearn Content?

There are many different types of content that you can add to your iLearn unit.

We have comprehensive guides for adding Content for more information.

5. Can you help me setup my unit with the new iLearn Template?

A set of MQ Online Learning Standards and a university-wide iLearn Template has been implemented from this session.

Following these 5 steps to ensure your iLearn unit will be laid out according to the new template to meet the standards.

Need more help with iLearn?

Access this comprehensive set of iLearn guides and information with simple step-by-step instructions to get you started with iLearn.

If you need additional help during the session you can email your questions or request one-on-one help from your Faculty Learning Designer by emailing

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