The Special Consideration Policy and associated process was amended on the 25th May 2021 to support students impacted by COVID-19.

What you need to know

The key changes from the academic staff perspective are:

  • Students have 7 days after the assessment task due date, examination or test date to supply supporting evidence.
  • The changes apply to students in standard teaching periods – students in non-standard teaching periods should liaise with their Faculty contacts.
  • Students have 7 working days to supply supporting evidence.
  • The student’s supporting evidence may be provided as a statement of fact. The statement of fact must:
  • Identify the circumstances;
  • Include dates and / or the length of the circumstances;
  • Explain the severity and impact of the circumstances;
  • Clearly describe how the circumstances have adversely affected the student’s capacity for effective study to which an assessment relates; and
  • Include the date(s) on which the student was seen by the professional providing the Evidence.
  • Staff from Student Wellbeing may assist students with submitting their forms, if they are unable to lodge the forms themselves.
  • The changes to the Special Consideration policy and procedure are in place for the foreseeable future.
  • Students should be directed to the special consideration webpage for information on how to submit their requests for special consideration.

Image credit: Photo taken by Patrick Stevenson (Cumulus library)

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