Photographed above is 2020 Vice-Chancellor Teaching Excellence Award recipient, Associate Professor Erik Lundmark, Macquarie Business School.

Over the last five years, Associate Professor Erik Lundmark has taken a lead role in developing the Entrepreneurship major, which has been offered in several undergraduate programs in multiple faculties. The ideas explored within the major, empower students from all backgrounds to shape their own learning experience to increase engagement. One of the ways students are engaged is by focusing on the process rather than just the outcome of the project they need to complete in the major. Erik Lundmark explains:

I build on experiential-learning principles to foster transformative learning. Questions, assignments, cases, and exercises are designed to make students question theory and their own preconceived notions. This is particularly important in entrepreneurship and management where underlying assumptions often become self-fulfilling prophecies.

The Assessment Panel acknowledged the expert way in which Erik had linked classroom experience, pedagogical theory, and research in a highly practical manner. They also commended how Erik revised the curriculum in collaboration with feedback from external industry partners, thus preparing students for their future careers.

The Teaching Excellence Award recognises staff for their excellence in teaching and support of learning and the impact they have on influencing, motivating and inspiring students to learn.

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