Since 24 March 2020, all Zoom cloud recordings have been automatically copied to the Echo360 platform and are privately listed under your Echo360 account. As such there are two copies of the Zoom recording. However, one of the copies will start to disappear from 28 June 2021.

A Zoom cloud recording in your Zoom account that is more than 1 year old will be moved to your trash folder and then deleted after 1 month. But don’t worry, a copy of the recording can be located within your Echo360 account, and this will be kept.

New rules for Zoom cloud recordings starting 28th June 2021:

1) In your Zoom account: A recording older than one year will be moved to trash and then deleted 30 days following that. The process will run on a daily basis. Once this happens, any link to that recording will be unavailable for viewing.

2) In your Echo360 account: The copy of the recording will be kept indefinitely.

What you need to do:

To avoid future broken recording links:

  • Link and share zoom recordings only from your Echo360 account.
  • Do not use links from your zoom account when sharing or publishing zoom recordings.
  • You may need to update Zoom recording links in iLearn and elsewhere to use the copy in your Echo360 account instead.

You can still recover recordings within 30 days

You have 30 days to recover and download a Zoom recording from the trash folder shown on your account’s Zoom recordings tab. Note though that any recovered recordings will be moved back to the trash after 1 day as recordings older that 1 year are moved to the trash folder by a daily process.

Any recordings created prior to 24th March 2020 won’t have been automatically copied to Echo360 so if you still require ongoing access to them you will need to first recover the recording from Zoom and then upload to your Echo360 library.

Any links that you have created to Zoom cloud recordings in iLearn should also be updated to point to the Echo360 version of the recording rather than the Zoom cloud recording version.

How to recover a deleted recording

Find recordings in your Echo360 account

Zoom cloud recordings created on or after 24th March 2020, have been automatically copied to the Echo360 platform and you will find them privately listed under your Echo360 account.

To ensure ongoing access to any Zoom cloud recordings created prior to 1 July 2020 within iLearn, please locate copies of each recording within your Echo360 account and replace all instances of shared Zoom recordings with the Echo360 link.

For information on sharing the Echo360 hosted copy of your Zoom cloud recordings, see the guide titled Sharing videos into a unit’s Echo360 class list.

Future proof your unit

Don’t put a link to a Zoom recording in iLearn – use the ECHO360 link instead to share your Zoom cloud recordings and you won’t have to keep remembering to go back and change the link after 12 months.

Recordings will continue to be copied to Echo360 automatically so make sure you always link to the Echo360 version of the recording from now on. Recordings hosted on Zoom will continue to be automatically deleted 1 year after their creation date on a daily basis.

Note that student Zoom recordings are also copied across to ECHO360 – and can be retrieved from there.

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