If you have requested an active learning space for your teaching this year it is highly likely that you have been timetabled in one of the new active learning spaces in the central courtyard precinct (building 01CC).

I am really excited and looking forward to the opening of our new Central Courtyard learning and teaching spaces. The configurations of these spaces are innovative, the supportive technologies that have been installed are state of the art and the consequent affordances for engaged fruitful learning to transpire are abundant.”

Professor Dominique Parrish, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

Open for inspection from the 15th February when you will be able to have a peek into the rooms. See below for details.

But first, here’s what you need to know to get ready for teaching here:

1. Find out if your unit is timetabled in one of these rooms

There are 149 units that will have some aspect of their teaching timetabled in these new active learning spaces. View this list to find out if your unit is one of them.  

2. There are no lecterns or visualisers!

It’s all about providing a connected learning experience to support active learning. There is a ‘teacher’s point’ in every room with a control panel and a secure place for you to place any items, but the spaces do not explicitly support lecturing as there are other spaces on campus where this can happen.

3. A Diversity of spaces

There are 24 new spaces, over 2 levels, architecturally designed to support group active learning and interactive engagement between students and teachers. The rooms accommodate class sizes of 30, 60 or 90 students.

  • Semi-tiered group workspaces
  • Active learning spaces
  • Simulated open plan office space
  • Cafe style arrangement

4. The latest in equipment and furniture

Teaching spaces include best practice audio-visual capabilities, white boards, projection screens (but note there are no visualisers), excellent natural light (and views!), as well as multi-function furniture that is easily moved and adapted to provide different options to set up and use the spaces.

5. View the room layouts and facilities, hear the vision for enhancing teaching

In this Zoom recording you can hear from the architects about the planning and design of the spaces (1st 20 minutes of video), and view mockups of each room type with a detailed commentary on how each room could be used to enhance your teaching, including the equipment and furniture in each room and ideas on different ways the rooms can be set up (tune in to the video from 21.50 mins if you just want the specifics of the rooms).

View 2D floor plans and furniture arrangements.

For a quick view of the layouts and technology for the each of the room types, take a look at these slides.

6. Active learning and COVID

The room capacities in the timetable have been set according to the capacities on the floor plans. The wearing of masks is recommended where learning activities make social distancing difficult. Coronavirus latest MQ information 

Frequently asked questions

There’s more information in this FAQ document and we will keep adding to this in response to questions received from staff.

Take a walk through your teaching space before your first class

OPEN for inspection from 15th February.

As you can see, they are still getting things ready but the rooms will be open from 15th February and we encourage all staff who will be teaching in these rooms to come and have a sneak peek.

Staff are invited participate in one or all of the following:

OPEN HOUSE:  from 15th February – anytime between 10-4 on any day during the week of 15-19 February come and walk through the spaces and explore by yourself. The rooms will be open for you to have a look around (or feel free to go in and have a peek when you are grabbing your food or coffee from the new courtyard food court). 

GUIDED TOURS: Tours at specific times will run each day 15 – 19th February. A great opportunity to view the spaces and ask questions. See here for available guided tour times and to register to attend (limit 15 people per tour).

TECHNOLOGY EXPLORATION: Book into one of these sessions to familiarise yourself with the technology in the room: explore the audio visual capabilities or trial your content on the screens with staff from AVTS to provide assistance. See here for available technology session times and to register to attend (Limit 15 people per session).

* The meeting place for the guided tours of the Central Courtyard teaching spaces and the technology sessions will be at the front entrance of the new courtyard building 01CC, ground level – meet outside near the signpost for the building.

Timetable queries?  

We want to ensure that both students and teaching staff have the best experience possible in using these rooms. If you have any questions about timetabling in these new central courtyard rooms please contact your faculty timetable representatives:  

  • Faculty of Science & Engineering – Jia Yu 
  • Faculty of Medicine, Health & Human Science – Rachael Rotton 
  • Macquarie Business School – Amanda Frazer  
  • Faculty of Arts – Andrew Bigg 
  • or submit a request for a timetable change via this LINK 

Any other questions: Please email professional.learning@mq.edu.au

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