How do I write learning outcomes? How do I align learning activities and assessments to my unit learning outcomes? Which are the different types of assessments we can use?

All the answers to these questions can be found in the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki.

What is the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki?

The MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki is a collection of resources, in the form of Knowledge Articles, developed to support and inform all University staff who engage with teaching and/or curriculum design, management, support and quality.

The MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki was born with the implementation of the Macquarie Curriculum Management System (MQCMS) as a “single source of truth” to support MQCMS users and to provide readily accessible and transparent information on all curriculum matters, such as:

  • Guidelines on curriculum design in alignment with MQ Curriculum Architecture and TEQSA requirements for compliance with the Higher Education Standards Framework.
  • Information on ESOS obligations relating to course design and delivery
  • Clarity on definitions and nomenclature
  • Processes for cross-Faculty communication and collaboration
  • Approval and quality assurance processes and procedures.

Also, during 2020, the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki became the ‘one stop shop’ for most of the resources required to support staff during the fast move to online learning and teaching, and subsequent activities resulting from changes imposed by the pandemic.

Knowledge articles & MQCMS

The Knowledge Articles can be considered quality enhancement resources to support the ‘Quality Assurance’ mission of the MQCMS and the University’s commitment to good practice in curriculum design.

Knowledge Articles developed in the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki have been linked to the relevant fields in the MQCMS. This means this information can be accessed in three different ways:

  1. Logging on to the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki and selecting the relevant Knowledge Article(s)
  2. Clicking on the ? next to the field or section you are completing in the MQCMS
  1. Accessing the Help and Guidance section in the MQCMS

Why the Wiki?

Some people love it, some people hate it, but our humble Wiki has proved to be the most versatile, accessible, and easy to edit platform, both to share information and to collaborate. Creating the Knowledge Articles within a Wiki ensures that changes can be made quickly and responsively. This constant improvement will ensure that the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki evolves and continues to be fit for purpose.

Each page has a space for comments at the end, so you can provide the Curriculum Manual Team with quick feedback on, and suggestions for enhancing and updating, the Knowledge Articles.

TIP for ongoing easy access to the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki:

When you first visit the Curriculum Manual home page, click on the star on the right-hand side (circled below). This will make this space a favourite that you can find easily once you log onto the wiki. You can also bookmark it in your web browser.

Some of the areas already covered by the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki:

The MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki: a living and developing resource that will be subject to a continuous improvement process.

Its original priority was to support MQCMS users, providing guidance on how to obtain, design and develop the information to be entered into course and unit templates to ensure consistency and maintain standards. As we move beyond fulfilment of this basic requirement, the aim is that the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki will continue to grow to meet MQ’s needs in relation to curriculum planning, design, development, and delivery.

Interested in collaborating?

We are now working on developing new sections to continue supporting MQ staff in the creation, design and delivery of curriculum, so watch this space!

If you have any suggestions or would like to collaborate on writing Knowledge Articles, please send us your ideas or any other feedback to

Make sure you bookmark the MQ Curriculum Manual Wiki page and share with other colleagues in your department.

We leave you with one of the MQ Curriculum Manual gems:  Unit Learning Outcomes Knowledge Article (thanks Cathy Rytmeister!)

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