Yes, we do still need to be COVID safe this year, but what does this mean for your teaching?

Most of the protocols that we had in place at the end of last year remain. Here are the key points:

  • Lectures will continue to be online.
  • Online real-time alternatives (synchronous study) for most small group learning activities will be available.
  • Consultations should be online or via other forms of electronic communication.
  • Maintain physical distancing where possible. Some teaching spaces will have had their furniture layout altered to enhance physical distancing.
  • Face masks are required in any teaching spaces where physical distancing cannot be sustained for the entirety of the lesson, such as in laboratories and active learning spaces. Single use face masks will be provided for those who don’t bring their own.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers will be stationed in the vicinity of all teaching spaces for staff and student use.

Single source of truth for the latest MQ COVID-19 information for staff and students

Here’s where to find detailed and up to date MQ Coronavirus information – this will be updated if anything changes and has information and answers to frequently asked questions for staff and students.

Further reading

The articles below contain useful tips and information about teaching in classroom and laboratory situations whilst maintaining physical distancing requirements. Although they were written for S2 last year, the protocols in place then are still applicable for teaching in S1 2021.

Teaching in a physically distanced teaching space: What I’d do.

Teaching face-to-face in a laboratory: What I’d do.

Additional information for Unit Convenors

From the DVC-A: A briefing for Unit Convenors on student and staff success in S1, 2021.

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