A new Academic Integrity Taskforce (AITF) has been established to develop and operationalise a plan for the University’s approach to a holistic response to Academic Integrity. The aim of the taskforce is to re-iterate the importance of academic integrity at Macquarie University for students and staff as well as investigate and implement further actions.

The AITF will

  • Consolidate the work completed to date on Academic Integrity.
  • Identify further actions required to address issues related to academic integrity into the future.
  • Operationalise actions related to Academic Integrity across the Macquarie University community.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of those actions.
  • Provide updates on the work of the AITF to university committees, boards, and groups.

The AITF is an initiative of the DVC-A and will be chaired by the PVC (Learning and Teaching), Professor Dominique Parrish.

The AITF will comprise of staff and students from across the Macquarie University community and will meet monthly.

The establishment of the taskforce is well timed with the recent announcement by the Federal Government of the newly formed Education Integrity Unit that will aim to protect Australia’s tertiary sector from “research and intellectual property theft” with a particular focus on contract cheating.

Further updates about the work of the AITF will be shared across MQ communication channels over the coming months.

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