The University has released new resources to help students prepare for upcoming online exams.

New and updated exam resources for students

1) Preparing for online exams: The iLearn student resource “StudyWISE” has a new section on “Taking exams online” (MQ login required). This includes advice on:

  1. Knowing the task
  2. Understanding MQ Academic Integrity
  3. Understanding the task rules
  4. Preparing your exam space
  5. Preparing your computer
  6. Preparing your internet
  7. Getting yourself ready

General exam study advice is included along with reminders to abide by Macquarie University’s Student Code of Conduct, the Academic Integrity Policy, guidance on the ‘Fit to Sit’ model in the Special Consideration Policy and the availability of Macquarie University Student Wellbeing Services.

2) Academic integrity advice: The Academic Integrity student module has also been updated with specific advice on “Online exams & academic integrity” (MQ login required). This includes an overview of activities that are considered to be cheating in online exams and some research-informed reasons why one should not be tempted to cheat in online exams (we know cunning plans too!).

3) Online exam FAQs: The ‘exams‘ section of the student study pages has been updated with an extensive ‘Exams FAQ’ for students.

Let your students know

We encourage all staff to spread the word to students. Place links to the new StudyWISE ‘taking online exams’ section, the ‘online exams & academic integrity’ page and the updated Exam FAQs linked above within the “exam period assessment” section on iLearn unit sites.

Comments and suggestions for other useful online exam study resources are welcome. 🙂

Posted by Mathew Hillier

Mathew has been engaged by Macquarie University as an e-Assessment Academic in residence and is available to answer questions by MQ staff. Mathew specialises in Digital Assessment (e-Assessment) in Higher Education. Has held positions as an advisor and academic developer at University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, Monash University and University of Adelaide. He has also held academic teaching roles in areas such as business information systems, multimedia arts and engineering project management. Mathew recently led a half million dollar Federal government funded grant on e-Exams across ten university partners and is co-chair of the international 'Transforming Assessment' webinar series as the e-Assessment special interest group under the Australasian society for computers in learning in tertiary education. He is also an honorary academic University of Canberra.

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