Thanks to the Learning and Teaching team at the Faculty of Science & Engineering, here are some basic steps to start preparing to support your students’ learning online.


  • Know that you can email if you have questions or need help. Tickets will go to your Faculty L&T team, who can answer your questions or organise a time to help you.


  • Consult the available guides, FAQs etc – the answer may be there for you. Teche has published the COVID-19 – Online Learning and Teaching Guide, with links to more posts on the learning technologies and tools that are available to support your move to online learning and teaching.


  • Follow these 5 Things to do now to prepare your unit 
  • Review your unit and its activities for possible impacts or disruption in a move to fully-online teaching.
    – Consider how you might re-arrange topics and activities.
    – Think about the best ways to teach your unit online and which tools might help you do this.
    – Don’t feel that you need to fully redesign the whole unit for online delivery – during this time, we are expecting substitution and augmentation, not perfect learning design.
  • Try out the available online tools to become familiar with them. The Discover iLearn for Convenors unit (self-enrol) can help you get an overview.
  • Discuss with your department how your sessional and casual tutors and teachers can be redeployed to deliver and support online teaching in your unit.
  • Download the MQ VPN, OneNet Anywhere for your home computer or laptop if you need to access internal systems. Here is the MQ guide to remote working tools.

Above all, please keep in mind your teaching team’s, your students’, and your own workload – keeping it simple will work best for all of you.

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