Session 3 is nearly here – it begins on Monday 2 December to be precise. Here’s some information about how and what to prepare and how to seek help.

  1. Create (activate) iLearn unit and publish Unit Guide

Your Department Manager will assign you to your iLearn space and Unit Guide for Session 3, and advise when you can activate your iLearn unit and work on your Unit Guide in iTeach.

Please note:

2. Prepare your iLearn unit

Some aspects of your unit will roll over from the past instance of the unit (‘set and forget’), but others need some attention every session. For example, Turnitin assignments must be recreated from scratch each time, and as a result, Gradebook will normally need a few tweaks too.

If you need assistance setting up a task, please factor in enough lead time when requesting help to give Learning Designers time to work with you and to ensure that everything is finalised before students start to submit.

Contact for help with setting up any aspect of your unit – even if you’ve set things up and simply want a Learning Designer to check that everything looks OK.

A few useful links:

Finally, Session 3 brings some unique challenges in relation to unit design and delivery in compressed format. If you need some #inspo in these areas, check out this past post.

3. Help and support options

As above, you can contact your Faculty Learning Designers Alex and Jaana for questions about the design and delivery of your Session 3 units: You can also contact the iLearn support team by emailing

Please note: During the Christmas shutdown, please include both email addresses above when seeking help.

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