Recently in And Gladly, we asked what you need to know about teaching and learning in the Faculty of Human Sciences and what suggestions you have. We’ll be responding to each question and idea over the next few issues. First up: Active Learning!

Q. Are we planning an Active Learning Week in 2020?

A: To enable unit conveners maximum flexibility when designing units, there is no specific Active Learning Week planned for 2020. We do, however, encourage active learning activities and approaches to be embedded in all unit curricula.

If you would like to discuss ways to implement active learning, please get in touch with your Faculty Learning Designers, Alex and Jaana, at The library also has a great suite of new Learning Skills resources that are useful for your students.

Reading Week will continue in 2020 and is now established across all programs – Read more┬áhere.

If you’d like to discuss Active Learning or Reading Week, please contact AD L&T Penny Van Bergen –

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