Macquarie University is about to release a new Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework 2020-2024: Enhancing Student Learning, Maximising Future Success with students at the core of the new framework. The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching), Professor Dominique Parrish has been drafting the strategic framework in light of feedback received through consultation with a wide range of stakeholders over the last year and consultation is now open to all staff.

The new Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework will invigorate how we teach and how students learn at Macquarie University driving the following outcomes:

  • Our students becoming locally and globally connected and empowered to become civic minded citizens;
  • Our students being equipped for success in their professional pursuits.

How will we achieve this?

  • We will provide a transformative learning experience for our students through a distinctive pedagogy that is relevant and engaging.
  • We will ensure that the Macquarie graduate will be equipped for success in their professional careers by providing students with career learning that is personalised and future focussed.

Supporting the Strategic Framework are many projects (some which have already commenced) to ensure the above aims of the strategic framework can be achieved.  Some staff may already be aware of these, but they include Micro-credentials, eportfolio, staff development framework (PLaCE) and curriculum transformation to name a few.

Tell us what you think
Staff are now invited to offer their thoughts and feedback on the Strategic Framework document. As you are reviewing the Framework, please think about what can be improved and send us your comments. Feedback can be submitted until Tuesday 5 November 2019.

Staff who have any further queries regarding the Strategic Framework can contact the PVC Learning and Teaching office at

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