Throughout Session 1 (S1) 2019, the Teaching Evaluation for Development Services (TEDS) team in collaboration with the Office of PVC (Learning & Teaching) led a pilot project aiming to improve online survey processes, with the view to move fully online in 2020. Some of the reasons behind the move include:

  • Prior studies indicate that students tend to give richer and higher quality feedback electronically as they are more used to typing than handwriting. 
  • More sustainable and less error-prone processing method (no need to scan or read handwriting). 
  • Ease of analysis and integration of survey results (both quantitative and qualitative) with other relevant data sources for quality assurance and enhancement purposes. 

The pilot’s aim was to determine system capacities, trial new survey engagement strategies with staff and students, and identify the technical enhancements needed to enable transition to online-only. 

The next steps:

  • The TEDS team are compiling data comparing the online and paper-based cohorts from S1 (which look very positive) and evaluating the significance in terms of the additional support provided in S1.
  • Departments who took part in the S1 online survey processes will receive a short survey requesting feedback on their experience which will also inform ongoing TEDS processes and support.
  • With the necessary enhancements now identified, the TEDS team are working to integrate and test these further throughout S2.
  • The Learning innovation Hub are reviewing all TEDS related resources with the objective of re-packaging them with a re-engagement process for S1 2020.

It’s been a busy six months for the TEDS team who are also in the process of moving to 2 First Walk, to be part of the Learning Innovation Hub Strategy team with the view to better harness the critical input that student feedback can, and should provide to learning and teaching strategy.

The TEDS team can be contacted for more information via email.

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