Early and mid-career researchers interested in gaining key skills that will help them build successful careers are invited to join the Transferable Skills Toolkit workshops.

In May and June 2019 two workshops will be held at Macquarie University and two at Deakin University (live streamed to Macquarie). Places will fill quickly. Please register to secure your place.

Prioritising Tasks, (view online) Wednesday 8 May 10am – 1pm

Location: Deakin University

About: The ability to prioritise tasks and effectively manage competing demands is a highly needed skill for early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs). This workshop will help EMCRs frame their activities in relation to their values and goals and provide practical ways to develop strategies for maintaining boundaries, prioritising tasks and managing in stressful situations. 

Managing Expectations, Thursday 23 May 12.30 – 3.30pm (afternoon tea 3.30pm – 4.14pm)

Location: Macquarie University

About: The capacity to gain sponsorship and support from supervisors and other key colleagues is a critical factor in building a successful research career. Fundamental to gaining this support is your ability to articulate your research career strategy, manage differences in expectations and build effective relationships with your supervisor. However, gaining effective support from influential, senior colleagues is not always easy. This workshop therefore offers guidance on how to build an effective and supportive relationship with supervisors and other key sponsors. In this three-hour session you will explore a range of approaches that can assist you in building a supportive base of senior colleagues.   

Demonstrating Achievement (view online), Wednesday 12 June 2pm – 5pm

Location: Deakin University

About: Whether you’re walking into a job interview, applying for promotion or preparing for a performance review, the ability to effectively communicate the value of you and your work will greatly influence the outcomes you want from these scenarios. In this workshop you’ll learn what attributes employers in academic and non-academic sectors value from a researcher and will discover methods for identifying and recording skills utilised in research. You will come away from this workshop understanding how to create a proposition that clearly articulates your value and with tips for communicating this with confidence. 

Inspiring and Motivating Others, Wednesday 26 June 9.30am – 12.30pm (lunch 12.30pm – 1.30pm)

Location: Macquarie University

About: Whether overseeing a research team, or supervising PhD scholars, the ability to inspire and motivate others is essential to a research leader’s toolkit. Yet, these skills don’t come naturally to most and are rarely taught or developed on the job. This workshop is for current or aspiring leaders who want to understand the underpinning elements of inspiring leadership. The workshop will cover: developing and communicating a vision for the team, induction and developing team guidelines, building a team culture, motivating staff, supervising and mentoring effectively.

More information about the program The STEM Transferable Skills Toolkit (STEM Toolkit) is a comprehensive professional development resource that will provide early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) with the skills needed to build successful careers. STEM Toolkit is designed to equip future STEM leaders with transferable skills that are imperative in all career paths, irrespective of discipline, sector, and profession. The STEM Toolkit has been specifically designed for EMCRs. Traditionally, EMCRs do not receive adequate professional development opportunities during their career and this program attempts to address this gap. The STEM Toolkit is presented by the Australian Academy of Science through the Theo Murphy Initiative (Australia) in collaboration with Deakin and Macquarie Universities.

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