Team X is an innovative teamwork experience that is strategically aligned with Macquarie University’s Learning and Teaching Priorities. It is for use online, face-to-face, and in blended learning formats. It includes authentic learning and teaching materials, teamwork resources, and a teamwork assessment portfolio that is accessible to all academic staff and students.

The team behind Team X has achieved:

  • The creation and delivery of a suite of teaching activities, resources, and assessments focused explicitly on teamwork, packaged into a comprehensive shared online space, available to all MQ academic teaching staff regardless of discipline.
  • The promotion of students as proactive partners and co-creators, actively involved in the design of Team X, to create an innovative and compelling learning experience for current and future Macquarie University students.
  • The development of a program-based approach to teaching teamwork, underpinned by sound quality assurance and evidence-based approaches, contributing to a Connected Curriculum.
  • The provision of a learning experience that empowers students to develop teamwork skills, grounded on the principle of employability – mobilising students to “contend with a variety of employment opportunities”, and make sustainable contributions as valued and skilled team players in the workplace.

Team X is now available to our teaching community.

Join us at our workshop on Friday the 12th of April 2019. The workshop provides a sneak-peek at this innovative tool; we’ll discuss how you can use and pilot parts of or all of Team X in your student teamwork.

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