iLearn units are often as individual as the people convening them.  While this is a great thing in many regards, it can also be confusing for students.

Stemming from student feedback, we’ve developed a set of minimum standards for the Faculty of Human Sciences iLearn units. The draft was circulated to Department Deputy Learning and Teaching Heads at the last FLTC meeting for feedback.

The idea is to not force units into a conformity that may not suit the best delivery of individual units or programs but to ensure access and consistency of key information for students.

In this document, you will find the set of minimum standards and outline of where the requirement originates.  Access FOHS iLearn Minimum Standards.

One key point is that people often question what goes in the unit guide and what goes in an iLearn unit.  This past post outlines the point of difference if this is something you are wondering yourself.

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Posted by Rebecca Ritchie

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