Faculties have been working hard to renew their courses to submit to UAC by the end of November. Good progress has been made despite the enormity of the task at hand because of the commitment and effort from staff.

Course design and renewal is a job for the experts here at Macquarie. Faculties need to understand and work within a new, more flexible curriculum architecture; they must also focus on maintaining high quality learning outcomes for students, ensuring that their course is 100% fit for purpose in a changing world. There’s much to consider in ‘getting it right’. Course renewal is not a job for the faint-hearted. Several rounds of approval are required. Once Course Directors have finalized their course proposal, the curriculum architecture team does a rapid assessment for compliance. The proposal then moves to the FSQC for approval and then to an ASQC working party before progressing to ASQC. Academic Senate provides the final approval.

“Faculties have really done a remarkable job to deliver the volume and quality of courses that they have within these challenging timeframes. What many of us don’t realise is that BAU still happens within these faculties while these enormous pieces of work are being delivered… and it’s a busy time for BAU! I commend my colleagues for their diligence and commitment to getting the job done.” Mariella Herberstein, Chair of Academic Senate

Great progress is being made, however there’s still a way to go to ensure that we make the UAC deadlines. Huge thanks to our Deans, Associate Deans, Course Directors, and team members of the Faculty Implementation Groups. The Macquarie community is behind you as you race towards the finish line.  We thank you for your hard work and commitment to giving our students a curriculum and range of courses that will set them up to thrive in the future.

Posted by Curriculum Transformation Project Team

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