One of the (perhaps more unusual) academic integrity issues that can arise is a situation in which students advertise unit notes for sale through iLearn – for example, by using a discussion forum to actively advertise a link to an external website where unit notes can be purchased.  This could go against the principles set out in the University Academic Integrity Policy and if it happens, Unit Convenors need to respond appropriately.

Here’s what to do if this happens in your unit:

  1. Take a screen shot or copy of the post
  2. Delete the post
  3. Warn the student and advise that the Faculty will be in contact with them
  4. Contact Kylie Coaldrake at with details so that an official warning can be issued to the student and attach your screen shot / copy of the post

More generally, you can also refer students to the Academic Integrity Module in iLearn – refer to this Teche post for more information.  You can also see student responsibilities under the Policy set out in Schedule 1 – Point 10 and see examples of unacceptable academic activities under Schedule 2 – Part B.

Posted by Alex Thackray


  1. This post has already received a great deal of attention. Some for the heading given to it in the Teche highlights email, which was perhaps a little misleading. The issues are actually pretty complex and probably need a little clarification:

    1. Students selling their own notes, which is their intellectual property. This is (probably) acceptable, but they should not be advertising on iLearn;

    2. Notes that are too close to the lecture’s slides infringe another person’s intellectual property are, at the very least, problematic; and,

    3. Many of these sharing sites also share complete assessments (a definite no) and offer ghost writing services.

    Units convenors for Human Sciences don’t need to be concerned with this level of nuance. Just follow the original advice – Delete the post, tell the student the Faculty will be in contact and escalate the issue.

    Staff from other Faculties should contact their teams 🙂


  2. I am guessing that one should make a copy of the post / take a screen shot before deleting it? Otherwise, where is the evidence?
    Perhaps re-write the steps to make that #1?


    1. Good point. Send a copy of the post and a screen shot to Kylie Coaldrake at

      Thanks Ruth


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