Managing student progression in practical, clinical, accredited or professional programs

As part of the Academic Progression Policy, a Fitness to Practice procedure has been approved by Academic Senate to be effective from Session 2, 2018. This outlines how the University manages the progression of students enrolled in practical, clinical or professional programs or units that have embedded placements and/or registration, accreditation or other mandated requirements.

The new Schedule 3 of the policy defines Practical, Clinical or Professional Programs. For the Faculty of Human Sciences, this covers teaching programs and postgraduate speech, audiology and psychology programs, in Medicine and Health Sciences the Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Physiotherapy programs and for Science and Engineering the Chiropractic programs.

How will students know about it?

Students now have access to information about Fitness to Practice requirements in the Handbook under the Program Specifications tab (here’s an example) and under Handbook Rules and Policy.

The information is also available to students via the Unit Guide entry: under ‘Policies and Procedures’ in the side menu (for all units) there is a link to the FTP procedure.

What do Academic Staff need to do about it?

Develop program specific FTP requirements:

Program Directors will be able to develop specific FTP content during Session 2 for introduction in 2019. Please contact the appropriate Faculty contacts listed below to discuss the requirements for your program or unit. A Guidance Document is available to help with this process on Truth.

Include FTP information in your iLearn site:

Unit Convenors are encouraged to include Fitness to Practice information to your iLearn site if relevant for your program.



Faculty of Arts Lynn Negus
Manager, Learning and Teaching Quality and Support
Faculty of Business and Economics Neta Mahbubani
Manager, Student Administration
Faculty of Human Sciences Jennifer Martin
Student Administration Manager
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Angela Stark
Lead, Student Professionalism
Faculty of Science and Engineering Anne MacLeod
Student Administration Manager

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