By Mel Bruniges and Michelle Jeffrey

The aim of Careers Week is to provide an opportunity for students to intensively engage with a range of careers events to research the roles and organisations available to them. Conducting research on career options is essential to making informed career decisions. A valuable way to gain career information is to speak with professionals currently working for organisations and in roles of interest to find out about their own experiences and career pathways. During Careers Week, students will have the opportunity to meet employees from a range of organisations and listen to professionals provide advice on their own career paths and a range of careers topics as well as ask questions of their own.

The flagship event is the Session 2 Pop Up Careers Fair held on Wednesday 15 August, 12:00pm – 3:00pm. There will be organisations with opportunities including internships and graduate roles for students from all faculties. Follow this link for more information: Session 2 Pop Up Careers Fair.

There are events specifically targeted to STEM, Law and Accounting students:

STEM Careers Forum – Monday 13 August

The STEM Careers Forum is a yearly event that aims to inform STEM students of possible career pathways and outcomes. It is designed to help them identify career options within their degree and provide a valuable networking opportunity. Click here for more information: STEM Careers Forum

CAANZ Find your Fit panel – Wednesday 15 August

Find your Fit will provide insights into what future careers could look like. Students will hear from Chartered Accountants in different specialisations that do these roles day-to-day. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and find out what skills they might need in each service line to be successful.

Options with Law Networking Event – Thursday 16 August

Students will have the opportunity to explore a range of law career options by listening to a panel discussion and participating in informal networking with employers, industry associations, panel guests and other professionals.

Other events

Throughout the week there will be additional events for students to work on their Resumes, LinkedIn profiles and Interview Skills and to gain information through employer presentations on careers in accounting and banking. Students can register for all events at

For more information, please email: or

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