MAC101 was launched in February 2017 as the welcome and induction space for all students at Macquarie, and was designed as source of information for new students as we transitioned to the new website. It gives students a wealth of information on all that Macquarie has to offer, and now it’s just gotten even better!

The Orientation Programs Team has worked tirelessly with the Learning Innovation Hub to update and add current information such as what’s happening when the train station closes as well as a number of new modules geared towards helping students find their feet and hit the ground running. All these new elements have been neatly packaged in a completely brand new slick interface.

The new look launched on July 25 2018 and includes information on

  •  university systems

  • campus services

  • student support services for domestic and international students

  • opportunities to socialise

  • how to make a positive impact on the world whilst developing professional skills

  • valuable legal resources (see module 4 – Support Services) containing general information and case studies across a range of issues which may impact new students.

For 2019, we are working towards creating interactive activities to prepare students in their transition to university, developing more faculty-specific information and making it accessible to all students. To further assist with the redevelopment of MAC101 we’ll run focus groups and get feedback from students, but if staff have any ideas or feedback, please contact Graciel Cacnio, Project Officer (Transition), Campus Life.

Posted by Alper Yuceozsoy

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